The Workshop Categories


1- By Job Title: 

-Production Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer(all subcategories}, Operational Excellence Engineer,

-Maintenance Engineer,Maintenance Planning Engineer{Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics}

-Planning Engineer,Production Planning  Engineer, Material Control Engineer

-Quality Control Engineer

-Quality Assurance Engineer

-Mechanical Design Engineer { Mould Designer, Product Design engineer}

-Sales Engineer, Marketing Engineer, Business Development Engineer

2- By Skills and fields of study:


-Six Sigma 

-Quality Management System 

-Supply Chain , CPIM




-Data Analysis and Visualization{ Excel, Mini-tab, Power BI, Tableau }


-Automation{Classic control, Automatic control, PLC, SCADA, IOT, IIOT, etc}

-Machining{milling, Lathe, CNC, etc}

-Printing & packaging

-Maintenance planning 

-Spare parts

 -pumps, fans, compressors,motors, bearing, sealing, lubrication

-Handling  انظمة المناولة 


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